My journey into all things woo-woo and holistic wellness started with toes dipping in the water. Years ago I found Gabrielle Bernstein. I loved her writing and the message she shared, but it was hard for me to interpret her wisdom into my hectic everyday life. Over the years, I dabbled in medium meetings, life coaching, essential oils, hot yoga and sage burning, but I wasn’t sure how any of it clicked with me. Every resource I stumbled upon seemed to be coming from a place of “enlightenment,” and I just wasn’t there yet.

A plot twist in my life path led me back to Gabby B, and her recent book The Universe Has Your Back.  I was on my own for the first time in years, and I was craving stability and a beautiful new home to live in. The book encouraged me to try manifestation and look for signs from the Universe (what?) to find where I was supposed to be. After apartment hunting in New York and New Jersey for weeks and seeing my “spirit sign” of a butterfly in Hoboken, NJ, I found my ideal apartment complete with sunshine, space and a washer-dryer.

I was hooked.

Since my apartment manifestation, I’ve jumped in with both feet to crystals, vision boards, chakra balancing, ayurveda and jade eggs. I also haven’t lost my taste for wine, interior design, cooking and reruns of Seinfeld. I have realized that finding “enlightenment” is not a destination, and there is no lifestyle to “strive for” other than the one that feels beautiful to you. Through this website, I hope to introduce you to some fun “new age” practices that inspire, while mixing in some fun practices you can add to your every day.


…because I used to do these on LiveJournal all the time. #throwback

  1. Favorite board game? Life.
  2. Celebrity crush? Justin Timberlake
  3. Favorite TV show? Parks + Recreation
  4. Coffee order? No coffee. Green tea every morning.
  5. Favorite Podcast? Too many to count – Currently Crimetown, That’s So Retrograde, Almost30
  6. Current song on repeat? They Don’t Care About Us – Michael Jackson
  7. If you could only eat one thing the rest of your life? Cheese. And Bread. And Pasta.
  8. Morning person or night owl? Neither? I love my bed.
  9. Favorite color? Ocean blue
  10. Hobby you’ve given up but miss? Ballet
  11. Favorite city? New York, NY
  12. Summer or winter? Summer
  13. One of your favorite memories? Going to the beach with my family
  14. Favorite crystal? Tied – currently amathyst points and selenite
  15. Weirdest woo-woo thing you’ve done? Saged my parents house to try to get rid of bats
  16. Guilty pleasure? Rewatching favorite shows or movies 1,o01 times
  17. Latest Amazon.com purchase? Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp
  18. Go-to beverage? Water. Then wine.
  19. If you was a retail store, you would be… Anthropologie
  20. The last time you cried? My parents had a mousetrap in the house and I heard it go off.