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January 26, 2019

What is it about Crystals? How these little rocks stole my heart.

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I am asked frequently how I got into crystals and why I’m the rock head I am today. Usually my answer is pretty lame – I do not know. There is a larger back story than that, though.

The first time I was even introduced to the notion of crystals, at least that I can remember, was by the reality show “The Hills” while I was in college. I remember an episode where Spencer Pratt carried around stones to protect his energy, and my friends and I thought he was nuts. The rag mags thought he had gone “woo-woo.” I imagined Spencer praying to some green glowing rock, and I dismissed the notion of crystals all together.

Cut to MANY years later – 2017. I was going through a lot of self discovery. I had quit a dependent relationship, moved into a new place, and was navigating a whole new social scene as a single woman about to turn 30. It became incredibly important to me to take care of my mind, my body and my intuition – something I had ignored for years. One of the first things my good ol’ gut told me was that I needed to meditate to learn about the spark I had stifled within me. I spent several months on my couch listening to YouTube videos, apps and tracks to calm my mind and get within. Soon enough, I found myself in a small sweet-smelling book shop and walked straight into the crystals section.

I got myself just a few crystals to start – rose quartz, selenite and clear quartz. I was ready to get back to dating and wanted a little help in the love department, so rose quartz seemed perfect. I liked that selenite was nick-named “liquid light,” so that went into my basket as well. Clear quartz was supposed to be the amplifier to pull it all together. I wasn’t sure what I was doing, but I knew it felt right.

I got back to my apartment and settled into a cozy cross-legged position. I spent about an hour meditating, holding rose quartz in my left hand, clear quartz in my right, and the selenite balanced on my head. I probably looked like a nut, but there is no “right way” with crystals! I felt like I was “home” within myself, and the crystals were a warm hug welcoming me in.

Over the next few weeks I practiced this love meditation with my rocks a couple times a week, and got on the dating apps. While I had bad experiences with these apps before, I told myself that I was approaching dating differently this time. I also felt like I had a new energy in my corner with my gems. Within a couple dates, I met a wonderful man who I felt I had known for years. We were immediately smitten with one another. The crystals had worked their magic!

From then on, I was hooked. I’ve collected (“adopted” if you want to get really cray!) dozens of crystals and gems. In future posts I’ll go into how I go about choosing crystals, mistakes I’ve made (I’ve been duped you guys!), how I’ve gotten obsessed and what I use them for. There are a lot of resources out there to start your crystals journey, but the first piece of advice I can offer is to truly beΒ curious. Sometimes a crystal just falls into your lap through a gift or happenstance. Other times, you may be in a bookstore and you notice something beautiful you want to add to your coffee table. However your journey starts, listen to what makes you happy and puts a smile on your face. The rest will come to the light soon enough!