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September 17, 2017

The Importance of a Vision Board

In grade school I loved making collages. I used to cover my planner with magazine cut-outs of things I loved at the moment, like ballerinas, VW Bugs and Justin Timberlake. I never really lost the habit, using the walls of my first cubicles as an “inspiration board” type space for pretty pictures and artwork.

It was only recently that I started taking vision boards seriously. Last year, my masseuse encouraged me to make one before December 21, so my “wishes” could be brought into the new year with the light as the days got longer. I put one together, using pictures of women in wheel pose and apartments from a wonderful interior designer I followed on Instagram to inspire me to stick to yoga and create the  beautiful home I’ve always wanted. Fast forward five months – I was doing more yoga than every before and sticking the wheel, and had just moved into the apartment of my dreams.

The power behind a vision board is that it helps you see and manifest what you are trying to create in your life. I have gotten into the habit of creating at least one a year, and I think it is an incredible tool for anybody to use. A couple of guidelines if you’ve never tried a vision board before:

Vision boards are great for all parts of your life. Make sure to add tangible goals to the board as well as personal wishes and dreams. Be open to success in all areas of your life, even in places where you have found challenges before. Vision boards are a great way to start changing your perspective.

There are no rules. You can use magazine cut outs, printed pictures from Pinterest, written quotes in Sharpie, drawings or sketches.

Except one. I personally encourage everyone to print or physically create a vision board, rather than use Tumblr or a Pinterest page. While these are helpful, having a poster or print-out in your living space or work area that you see everyday is much more powerful than a web page you only visit when you remember.

Get into the scary stuff. The things you think will NEVER happen? Put them on the board. Trust me, when you’re looking at pictures of a bigger bank account, perfect partner or a happy home each morning, it will all start to seem a bit more attainable.

Put it somewhere high-traffic. I used to hide my vision boards in my bedroom closet or in a corner of my office. Now I put it on my fridge. I’m not ashamed of what I want in my life, so why shouldn’t my wishes and desires be front and center? Try putting your board behind your computer monitor so you look at it ALL day, or near the coffee maker.

If it doesn’t appear, there is a reason. I have learned that if I ask for something that does not serve me, I will not get it. Sometimes there are things on my vision board that will not come to fruition, but I always realize after the fact that it did not manifest because there was a bigger plan. Sometimes you need to get a “no” to realize what your true and honest path is.


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September 5, 2017

Introducing Light. Love. Live.


I’m pleased to announce! This website has had several iterations, and to be honest I am still figuring out exactly what is going to happen here. Welcome to the journey! Feel free to check out the “About Me” section or scroll through blog posts. More things coming soon!